federal prisoner 30664 is my "wordy" blog named after O’Henry’s prison serial number. You can mostly find essays on travel, sports, culture, food, and writing there. Mostly.

Sorry, Out of Pork are photo essays. This blog is named after an evening of food, drinks, and high jinks I spent with actors Alexis Macnab and Ben Masur in New York's Chinatown and East Village in May of 2009. We came across an eatery with a sign in the window that read "Sorry, out of pork". The pictures on the blogs, and this website, are taken with my phone and are not photo-shopped, nor are they staged.

You will notice I write a great deal about the "trouble" my dog, Dusty-Danger, and I get into.

Photo: The Graffiti Park At Castle Hill, 2014