"...hyperbolic stories, juxtaposing the ridiculous with the sublime..." -Francine Russo, The Village Voice

"So there I was on Friday night, flying along Houston Street from the Lower East Side to the West Village, a probably ridiculous smile plastered on my face the whole way. I’d just seen “Smashed: The Carrie Nation Story” — an opera with belly laughs...It was the highlight of several recent days spent sampling from the unwieldy buffet that is the New York International Fringe Festival." -Laura Collins-Hughes, The New York Times

"...The Hotel Vanya, or A Metaphysical-Paradigm at the End of Everythingness...Braun has appropriated names, attitudes and emotional states, and that existential gray mood from Chekhov and transplanted them to our Austin, to test how the sentiments of pre-revolution Russia suit a 21st century Texas city beset by aggressive growth and gentrification..." -Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle

Welcome to timothybraun.com your doorway to professional writings and amateur photography pertaining to, but not exclusively about, nights of experimental puppet shows, mango margaritas, Coney Island, kite festivals, aviation themed bars, wombats, opera, gun shows, literary analysis, commentary on sports, cultural, politics, food, religion, ontological psychology of thingies, metaphysical momentums, silliness, puppies, and splendiferous serendipity. Dissecting the creative writing on this website with a Talmudic meticulousness may result in erroneous conclusions and mockery. Please note that I teach at two universities and the writings on this website speaks for neither.

What is the latest?

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You can read my latest NY Times Modern Love piece “She Wanted a Man With a Good Job Who is Nice to Animals here.

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You can read my cover story for the Austin Chronicle “Causing Trouble As We Smiled: A Dusty Story” here.